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Siddhi Enterprises and its predecessor companies have been providing commercial cold storage services to the food industry since 1974.

We service only VEGETARIAN products. We started with a cold storage in Delhi storing Potatoe and Apples and today Siddhi Enterprises is a leading Cold Chain Solution Provider. We are present in the complete cold chain storage & cold chain logistics services including Cold Storage (temperature controlled warehousing), Deep freezers, Refrigerated Logistics, Distribution services and Carrying & Forwarding (CFA) to a broad range of businesses throughout the country.

Siddhi Enterprises customers include many of the top Indian and international food companies. Siddhi Enterprises is an integral part of food distribution and supply chain in North India.

We are a preferred service provider in the industry because of:

  • State of the art cold storage facilities
  • Round the clock service
  • Customer focus and value added services
  • Strategic location at distribution centre of Delhi for storage.
  • Centrally located operations and management of logistics for North India.
  • Competency born with over 40 years of experience in the industry
  • Strategic customer alliances which serves competitors as well

Siddhi Enterprises serves a customer base with requirements ranging from primary storage to fully integrated third party logistic solutions. We offer over five lac cubic feet (5,00,000 cft) of temperature controlled warehouse and distribution space ranging from most modern facility to traditional manual facilities.

These facilities are supported by a fleet of 27 refrigerated transport trucks operating under the Siddhi Cold Chain Logistics brand. Customers are able to consolidate their entire temperature controlled logistics requirements within one organisation.

In recent years, Siddhi Enterprises has made substantial investments in new cold storage technology. The company has paid particular attention to the Energy and Water conservation. All new cold store chambers have been developed with industry leading refrigeration and energy efficient systems. As a result, in the past six years, the company has reduced its energy consumptions per tonne of produce stored by 15%.

The company currently holds a land bank for further development and expansion in the Indian Cold Chain market. We have a vision of being a leader in developing purpose built cold stores for businesses looking to outsource their refrigerated logistics requirements.

Our 40 years of experience has taught us that the best way to serve our customers is to understand their needs and maintain good relationships with not only them but their customers as well.

Your satisfaction is our fundamental value not just a goal……!

Promoter profile

Mukesh Aggarwal is the promoter of Siddhi Cold Chain. He is a Serial Entrepreneur with a degree in Economics having 22 years of experience in setting up & managing multiple businesses. He has been involved in the revival of a few sagging businesses and scaling them to profitability. He has a flair for challenging assignments and creating turnarounds. He enjoys creating business strategies and thrives on the processes for achieving goals. He exerted influence over future events on many occasions. Adversity brings the best out of him. He strives for maximum responsibility and accountability. He is a team builder and has been highly successful in creating and motivating teams. He can guide a team to take their performance to next level, much beyond their own comprehension.

His Key Attributes: Self-Control, Self-Confidence, Strategy, Developing New Ideas, Comprehensive Awareness, Planning, Making strategic decisions, Working on Multiple Business Ideas simultaneously, Realism, Conceptual Ability, Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional Stability.

Mukesh is actively involved in associations at both industry and social level. He holds following positions in various organisations:-

  • Additional General Secretary of All India Cold Storage Association
  • Honorary Secretary of Federation of Cold Storage Association of India
  • General Secretary of Ice Manufacturers Association of Delhi
  • Trustee – Niskam Sewa Trust, Haridwar,Uttarakhand.
  • Member, Aggarwal Sabha Shalimar Bagh, Delhi
  • Member, Shalimar Bagh Ramlilla Committee
  • Member, Shri Ram Mandir,BT Block, Shalimar Bagh
  • Member, Shri Shakti Mandir, BN Block, Shalimar Bagh
  • Member, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Shalimar Bagh
  • Siddhi is committed to the storage of vegetarian products only.
  • 30% to 40% of the vegetables and fruits go wasted in India due to non availability of vegetarian cold food storage capacity. We are committed to reduce wastage.
  • Products that are stored in our facility remain in 100% vegetarian environment and there is not contact of any non vegetarian product and environment, which makes the product to be used in religious ceremonies in its ultimate purity and has ethical motivation.
  • We are maintaining high standards of storage of Vegetarian food products. It benefits not only to keep the high standards of Hygiene of the products but also to the storage area.
  • In spite of negligible share of 1% for vegetarian products in the deep freezer segment, we are a company committed to the storage of vegetarian products.
  • From customer point of view it gives them a sense of relief and satisfaction that their product is safe and hygienically stored a proper environment.
  • We provide full range of services to our clients for their cold chain needs in North and West India covering all major cities and towns.
  • We are associated with more than 50 companies for their Cold Room Storage needs at different temperatures.
  • We are driven by quality and integrity. The goal is to fulfil the customer's expectations
  • We are expanding our horizons in all of our business divisions.
  • We use the modern technology to keep ahead of time. All of our facility is equipped with modern machines including imported panels and goods lift facility. All our vehicles are made on the NHB (National Horticulture Board) guidelines and with 24 hour monitoring via VTS (vehicle Tracking System).
  • We intend to keep pace with growth in market. India is fifth largest retail market of horticultural products in the world. With more companies and more farmers are moving to horticultural crops. This creates more demand for controlled environment vehicles and storage space.
  • We growing Refrigerated Logistics division by 50% every year.
  • We provide comprehensive distribution and warehouse storage facility. In India storage capacity is mainly focused on single commodities with no proper origin and destination pairing. Our cold chain provides solution for storage of all types of product ranging from +2 to +6, -18 to -25 and Ambient (Dry Storage) and collecting and delivering the product which provides single destination for all the needs.