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Commitment for Vegetarianism

  • Siddhi is committed to the storage of vegetarian products only.
  • 30% to 40% of the vegetables and fruits go wasted in India due to non availability of vegetarian cold food storage capacity. We are committed to reduce wastage.
  • Products that are stored in our facility remain in 100% vegetarian environment and there is not contact of any non vegetarian product and environment, which makes the product to be used in religious ceremonies in its ultimate purity and has ethical motivation.
  • We are maintaining high standards of storage of Vegetarian food products. It benefits not only to keep the high standards of Hygiene of the products but also to the storage area.
  • In spite of negligible share of 1% for vegetarian products in the deep freezer segment, we are a company committed to the storage of vegetarian products.
  • From customer point of view it gives them a sense of relief and satisfaction that their product is safe and hygienically stored a proper environment.