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We provide a comprehensive single window service to manage the backend. This includes picking up goods from your production unit, storage, distribution, accounting, billing, payment collection on your behalf

We give special focus on Treatment, Storage and Order Assembling of the product for the better management and excellent handing of your product.


  • Physical count of the number of cases.
  • Visual Verification of handling damages.
  • Checking inward temperature of the product.
  • Checking for the frost bite/heat stroke on the product.
  • Daily checks for the product temperature and room temperature during storage.
  • Handover of product at proper temperature at the time of dispatch.
  • Check for the expiry date of the product.


  • Chilled temperature storage between 2°C to 6°C
  • Deep Freeze temperature storage between -25°C to -10°C
  • Ambient temperature (Dry Storage).
  • Room freezing and Chilling: In-room temperature reduction based upon customer specifications.
  • Product Tempering: Increasing core product temperature according to customer specification.

CFA Services

  • Order collection.
  • Billing as per your format.
  • Cheque collection and deposit to customer bank account.

Flexible Contract options for our Customers

  • Storage volume based monthly contract
  • Carpet area based monthly contract
  • Lot based Date month contract
  • Tonnage based monthly contract
  • Long term contract
  • Seasonal contract

Special Features

  • Multi-Chamber Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Segment wise Food Freezer rooms
  • Fully Automated Cold Storage Unit Machinery
  • Dedicated Ripening chambers
  • 100% standby machines in all cold rooms
  • 100% Power backup
  • Goods Lift
  • Extended working hours from 8AM to 8 PM
  • Special working hours. We offer loading and unloading facility on demand during night hours as per demand of customers
  • Special Sub Zero lighting fittings
  • Data Logger for temperature in all chambers
  • PLUG IN Electrical support for refrigerated vehicles

Value Added Services

  • Kitting
  • Labeling
  • Bulk breaking/making
  • Re-packing
  • Sorting
  • Retail distribution
  • Distribution Services

Safety Training for Handling Operations

  • We have involved our employees in Food product handling & safety training in Freezer rooms
  • We have placed a supervisor on safe food handling skills at our facility
  • Training and methods involved in forces involved with lifting
  • Risky moves associated with lifting
  • Contributing factors to materials handling/lifting injuries
  • Injury prevention
  • Explaining Proper lifting procedures
  • Body Management while product handling in Freezer Storage

Products Stored at +2°C to +6°C

S.No Common Name English Name
1 Abjosh/Munnaca Golden Raisin
2 Ajwain Carom Seeds
3 Akhrot Walnut Shell
4 Akhrot Giri Walnut Kernel
5 Alubhukhara Dried Plum
6 Amchoor Dried Mango Powder
7 Anardana Dried Pomegranate Seeds
8 Anjir Figs
9 Apple Apple
10 Apricot Apricot
11 Badam Almond
12 Badiyan Khatai Illicium verum
13 Barakh Barakh
14 Chana Gram
15 Cherry Cherry
16 Chironji Charoli
17 Chocolate Chocolate
18 Chukender Beat Root 
19 Chuwara Dry Dates
20 Dalchini Cinnamon
21 Dhania Coriander Seeds
22 Dodi Pistachio
23 Elachi Black Badi Cardamom pod - Black
24 Elachi Green Small Cardamom pod - Green
25 Giri Kernel
26 Gulanjan Gulanjan
27 Haldi Turmeric
28 Hing Asafoetida
29 Imili Tamarind
30 Jadi Buti Herbs
31 Jaiphal Mace
32 Javitri Nutmeg
33 Jeera Cumin Seed
34 Kaju Cashew Nuts
35 kalimirch Black Pepper
36 Kalonji Onion Seeds
37 Khas Khas Poppy Seeds
38 kishmish Raisins
39 lal mirch Red Chilli 
40 lobhiya Cowpea
41 long Cloves
42 long dandi Clavo Tallos
43 Magaz Kharbuja Dry Musk Melon Seeds
44 Methi Dana Fenugreek
45 mishroom Mushroom
46 Moong Green Gram
47 Mukkassar Seedless Tamarind
48 Mungphali dana Ground Nut Kernel
49 Orange Orange
50 Pipal Peepul
51 Pista Pistachio
52 Posta Poppy Seeds
53 Rajma Kidney Beans
54 Saunf Aniseed
55 Seetal chini Piper cubeba
56 Sounth Dry Ginger
57 Supari Betel Nut
58 Tejpatta Bay Leaf
59 Yeast Yeast
60 Chole Chick Peas
61 Sarson Mustard Seeds
62 Ghee Clarified Butter
63 Khajur Dates
64 Phool Floriculture

Products Stored at -18°C to -25°C

S.No Common Name English Name
1 Mithai Sweets 
2 Ice Creams Ice Creams 
3 Non Dairy Cream Non Dairy Whip Topping 
4 Whipped Cream Whipped Cream 
5 Frozen Vegetables Frozen Vegetables
6 Frozen American Sweet Corn Frozen American Sweet Corn
7 Frozen Green Peas Frozen Green Peas
8 Khoa Condensed Milk
9 Paneer Frozen Cottage Cheese
10 Makkhan Butter
11 White Makkhan White Butter
12 Frozen Potato Frozen Potato 
13 Glycol Chill Pads Chill Pads (Food Grades) 
14 Chill Pads Chill Pads for Pharmaceutical Applications 
15 Amla Indian Gooseberry
16 Sweet Corn Frozen Sweet Corn
17 Aloo Snacks French Fries
18 Aloo Tikki Potato Cutlet
19 Idli Steamed Rice Snacks
20 Aloo Snacks Potato Wedges
21 Chilli Pepper & Cheese Snacks Chilli Pepper & Cheese Snacks
22 Cheese Sticks Cheese Sticks
23 Potato Cheese Snacks Potato Cheese Snacks
24 Aam ka Guda Mango Pulp
25 Ice Gel Pack (Vaccine Carrier Transportation Ice Gel Pack (Vaccine Carrier Transportation