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Bringing Half a Century of Excellence in Cold Storage Services to Delhi and NCR

At Siddhi Enterprises, we are not just a company; we are a legacy that has thrived on excellence, reliability, and innovation for the past five decades. Established in the heart of Delhi, we have been the preferred choice for commercial cold storage solutions in the Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) since our inception.

Our journey began in the early 1970s when Mr. Ram Kishore Aggarwal, with a vision of meeting the growing demand for safe and reliable cold storage solutions, founded Jaswant Cold Storage and Ice Factory, now Siddhi Enterprises.

His commitment to quality and his passion for preserving perishables in their freshest state laid the foundation for what Siddhi Cold Chain is today. Over the years, we have grown from a small, family-owned business to a renowned name in the cold storage industry.

Today, operating under the brand Siddhi Cold Chain, Siddhi Enterprises has emerged as a prominent provider of Cold Chain Solutions. We specialize in assisting businesses within the frozen food industry by delivering customized cold chain supply solutions that guarantee an unbroken network from production sites to distribution points. Our comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum of cold chain storage and logistics, encompassing temperature-controlled warehousing, deep freezing facilities, refrigerated logistics, distribution services, and Carrying & Forwarding (CFA) solutions.

We were early pioneers in adopting a co-sharing, pay-per-use model featuring monthly payments, long before it became a thriving trend in office co-working spaces. Our primary objective is to enable businesses to sidestep substantial capital outlays associated with installing and operating own cold rooms in high-value commercial locales. Instead, we offer Cold Room-in-Cold Room within our facilities, granting access akin to a private bank locker.

Our expertise is finely tuned to the Delhi and NCR region. Siddhi Enterprises proudly owns two facilities. The first is located at Lawrence Road, Delhi, and stands as the largest private frozen cold storage facility with a capacity of 4000 metric tonnes. The second, strategically situated in the Rai Industrial area, District Sonepat, Delhi-NCR, boasts over 10000 pallet positions and ranks among the most modern facilities in the NCR.

Siddhi Enterprises plays a pivotal role in North India's food distribution and supply chain. We are the preferred service provider in the industry due to our:

  • - Cutting-edge cold storage facilities.
  • - Round-the-clock service availability.
  • - Customer-centric approach with value-added services.
  • - Strategic placement in the distribution centers of Delhi and NCR.
  • - Centralized operations and logistics management serving North India.
  • - Over 50 years of industry experience, showcasing our expertise.
  • - Strategic partnerships that benefit both our customers and competitors.
  • - Being the top choice for 3PL operators.


Our esteemed clientele includes numerous prominent Indian and international food companies. We cater to diverse needs, ranging from basic storage to fully integrated third-party logistics solutions.

Siddhi Enterprises and its sister concerns are also involved in distribution of Fleetguard filters, manufacturing of RO water crystal clear Ice Blocks, and healthcare Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for CT Scan and MRI diagnostic services

Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and our constant pursuit of technological advancements have enabled us to consistently deliver superior services.

Your satisfaction is our fundamental value, not just a goal……!

We are “Your Perfect Cold Chain Partner.

Who We Are


Siddhi Cold Chain is a leading cold chain supply solution provider in Delhi and NCR. Our comprehensive services cover the entire spectrum of cold chain storage and logistics, encompassing temperature-controlled warehousing, deep freezing facilities, refrigerated logistics, distribution services, and Carrying & Forwarding (CFA) solutions.

Vision & Mission

To be the No.1 Cold Chain Company in the country with World Class Standards

Our Vision

At Siddhi Cold Chain, our vision extends far beyond being a successful business entity. We are dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to humanity by addressing one of the most pressing global challenges - food wastage. Our vision is to create a strategically located cold chain network that ensures food is kept fresh from the farm to plates, significantly reducing food wastage and ensuring that every human is nourished.
In pursuing this vision, we aim to make a positive impact on the world by not only providing exceptional cold chain solutions but also by actively participating in the greater mission of reducing hunger and ensuring that no one goes without access to fresh and nourishing food.

Our Mission

Our mission at Siddhi Cold Chain is to provide businesses with best-in-class cold chain services, tailored to their unique needs. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility in our operations. Our mission is to empower our clients by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions that enhance their competitiveness, reduce waste, and minimize their carbon footprint. We aim to foster enduring relationships with our customers, employees, and partners, ensuring their success aligns with ours.

Our managements

best team we have ever had right now

Our team at Siddhi Cold Chain is the backbone of our success. Comprising a diverse group of professionals, each with their unique skills and expertise, we work together cohesively to deliver exceptional cold chain solutions.

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