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different sizes to accommodate

Our refrigerated delivery van fleet comprises of different sizes to accommodate every kind of need. We also have Fleet to accommodate dry goods of different sizes

S No. Vehicle Mode In MT'S Length Of Container Ice-Cream Crates Vehicle Type
1 Tata 407 3 14 Feet 170 Refrigerated
2 Tata 909 5 17 Feet 230 Refrigerated
3 Tata 1109 7 19 Feet 280 Refrigerated
4 Tata 1613 9 21 Feet 440 Refrigerated
5 Tata 407 3 14 Feet --- Open Body
6 Tata 709 4 17 Feet --- Open Body
7 Tata Ace 0.8 6 Feet --- Open Body
We have All India Permit / National Permit on all of our Vehicles.
Key Features
  • 1 tracking
  • 2 thermometer
    Online Temperature
  • 3 driver
    Well Trained
  • 4 warehouse
    Service Backup
  • 5 container
    Hygienic Container

Delivery Network
  • We have a fleet of 27 temperature controlled delivery vehicles and six open body delivery vehicles with 40 customers for storage and distribution.
  • Our refrigerated vans are designed and manufactured as per NHB guidelines for maintaining product temperature of any product. We also follow standards of NCCD.
  • Our refrigerated transport services include the collection and delivery of frozen food to and from any destination in India. Our clients enjoy complete peace of mind with the assurance that their frozen stock will reach its destination speedily and in excellent condition.
  • We are using PUF panel body for the insulated boxes, which are manufactured in a single piece on a flat bed machine. There are no joints in the wall.
  • We are using Carrier Range Truck Refrigeration units of OASIS make, Imported from France.
  • Our vehicles are having cutting edge online vehicle tracking system which gives real time information on location, temperature, speed and distance. It also allows monitoring time limits and stoppages to reduce idle time.
  • Our broad range of fleet vehicles includes every type of temperature controlled logistics vehicle, from small to large vehicles. This allows us to accommodate for a wide variety of clients
  • We provide services to organizations across India and we are always prepared to tackle new challenges. We offer personalized chilled distribution solutions to any destination in India.
  • Customer's turn to the experience of Siddhi Enterprises, trusting our temperature controlled delivery network and our extensive fleet of refrigerated vehicles to meet a broad range of requirements.