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Ice Blocks

Our associated company has an installed capacity of 1700 Ice Blocks (110 MT)/ per day and we cover all NCR via our own Ice Slab carrying vehicles having customized wooden flooring & body.

Silent Features
  • We produce Crystal clear Ice Blocks from the water treated with Reverse Osmosis Water filter Plant with capacity of filtering 1,50,000 Liters of water every day.
  • We have supplied our Ice to Delhi Metro Ready Mix Concrete Plant for maintaining temperature of concrete and preventing early setting due to heat. The Ice needed to be fully matured, totally free from calcium and other impurities for the application.
  • We have supplied crystal clear Ice to build Ice Bar in Saket and Ice Lounge in Rajouri Garden both in Delhi. The water need to be filtered 3 times for crystal clear allowing 100% pure and transparent ice.
  • Our Ice is supplied to Marriages and Parties and is safe for consumption in food Industry. We serve almost all the top caterers in Delhi & NCR.
  • We have also supplied Ice to Metro Walk theme park for the construction of Ice Tree during Christmas Festival. -
  • Our Colored Ice is supplied to Mandirs on Janamasthami for decoration and making Ice Caves and on Shiv Ratri for making of Shiv Lingas.
  • Our Ice is used for Carving Ice Sculptures as well.